scheeringa-farmsEvery spring, for many years now, the Highland Adult Athletic Booster Club has hosted a flower sale with typical flats of flowers. Traditionally, the flowers were hauled over in front of Highland Middle School and interested people had to show up on one specific day during a particular window of time. If they didn’t make it, they didn’t get flowers and we didn’t raise funds from them! There were a lot of missed opportunities for us and for the community!

We’re growing with the times, and no longer sell flowers in that way. Instead, our booster club members now sell vouchers that are good for nearly any use at a local farm. Anyone who buys a voucher can use it to buy nearly anything that’s for sale at the farm: plants, flowers, mums, pumpkins, straw, hay, donuts, cider, produce and more! The best part is, these vouchers are good to be used anytime during their promotional period. This year we’re selling vouchers in March which are good through June 15. How about that for flexibility?

This Flower Sale, now voucher sale, runs between March and June. Are you you interested in purchasing a voucher so that you can buy flowers or other goods from the local farm to support Highland athletics and your community? Contact any booster club member for voucher sales, or let us know through the form below and we’ll get you however many vouchers you’re interested in. Each voucher costs $25 and the amount will ride with the voucher until all funds are used or the promotional period closes (June 15), whichever comes first.

Flower Pot Planning Party and Class

  • Details coming soon! It will be held in the Scheeringa Farms in the greenhouse
  • At this party you bring a pot with you, or buy one from Scheeringas. They’ll have dirt for you at cost, and you can buy flowers, plants or whatever you’d like to plant in your pot.
  • Then Scheeringas will lead a class to teach you how to plant your items, what kind of sunlight and watering is needed. All kinds of details to help make your potted plant or flowers successful!
  • Our booster club members will be attending the class as well and will have vouchers available to purchase that night. The vouchers are good until the close of the promotional period as listed above.

Have questions? Tina Piech will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this fundraiser and can also sell you tickets in-person. You can reach her at (219) 808-9887.

Spring Voucher Sale – I’m Interested!

This year’s local farming partner is Scheeringa Farms located in Highland on Cline Ave.